Diving at the Resort

St. Lucia is as exotic underwater as it is above. Enjoy a new world with the Rendezvous dive team and enjoy stunning SCUBA diving as part of your holiday when you book this St Lucia all inclusive resort.

There is nothing quite like SCUBA diving in St. Lucia. Above sea level it may well be a lush tropical paradise, but below sea level it is a stunning garden of colours, textures, flora and fauna. The deep reds, yellows, greens and browns of fifty types of coral and sponges are offset by the deep blue hues of the sea. You will see many different types of fish and if you are lucky, turtles, lobster, frogfish, eel, crabs and squid.

Experience the romantic side of SCUBA diving as a couple and you will enjoy first-hand the wonders of the deep ocean with our team. They will take you to the most remarkable dive sites for a truly spectacular look at St. Lucia's amazing underwater world.

At Rendezvous however, safety is very much a byword. Whether you are a seasoned diver or new to diving, we always make sure that diving is both safe and fun! Book Rendezvous, the St Lucia resort for couples and enjoy diving and much more!

PADI Scuba Centre

The SCUBA team is led by a certified master SCUBA diving trainer, proficient in both Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). Our instructors and dive masters are certified by PADI - the world leader in training excellence. The team is well acquainted with St. Lucia's incredible underwater gardens.

The PADI ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course for non-certified divers.

This great experience includes a 35-minute classroom session, an hour in the pool practicing skills, then an ocean dive to a maximum depth of 40ft or 12m on one of the beautiful reefs around the St. Lucian coast. An instructor will accompany you at all times. Start getting certified before you arrive here: e-Learning

Certified Divers

Dive Rendezvous offers divers the chance to explore the underwater world from the north of the island all the way to our marine park located along the west coast. There are 11 exciting dives at our marine reserve, including “Superman’s Flight”, “Piton Wall” well-known drift dives around the base of Petit Piton just to name a few.

All Certified Divers has an inclusive North Trip Dive per day from Monday to Saturday and also has the chance to explore our Marine Park dives at an added cost.

The PADI SCUBA Dive Licence

Add a half-day to your Discover Scuba Dive and you can earn yourself a PADI SCUBA Dive License. With only three modules to study, a few hours of classroom tutorials, two pool sessions and one ocean dive and you will become a PADI Certified Scuba Diver. Your instructor will ensure that you get comfortable with the equipment and learn a few more underwater skills. The PADI Scuba Diver course gives you a worldwide license to go diving to a maximum depth of 40ft or 12m. Scuba Divers have the option of upgrading their Scuba Diver Certification level to Open Water Scuba Diver. Complete two pool sessions, two ocean dives and theory sessions in two and a half days and you will become a PADI Open Water Diver. Once certified, you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 60 ft or 18m with any dive operation worldwide.

Important Requirements for all divers: Please be aware that you will be required to fill out this Medical Questionnaire to ensure that you are fit for diving, if you have any positive respond on this form, you will be required to have a doctor’s approval to participate in such activity.

Gets your class room sessions out of the way and prepares you to jump into the pool immediately.

Dive Sites

Marine Park Dives

Superman's Flight

The site is named after a scene from the movie Superman II.  This is a drift dive on a gentle wall that drops to 500 m/ 1500 ft. You enter the water at the base of Petit Pitons which rises to 732 m / 2438 ft above you. On this exhilarating drift dive you will ''fly-by'' massive fluorescent sponges, lots of Gorgonians, giant Barrel Sponges and many species of colourful tropical fish.


Lesleen M Wreck

A wreck of a cargo vessel sunk as an artificial reef in 1986.  It sits upright on a sandy bottom at a maximum depth of 65 ft/20 m.  The 167 ft/51 m long wreck offers open access to the surface and is inhabited by many types of marine life including Lobster, Moray Eels and Reef Fish.  Rare sightings of Hawksbill Turtles, Green Turtles and Yellow Tail Striped Snappers can been seen.


Anse Chastanet 

There is a shallow reef starting in around 15 ft/5 m and progressing to around 60 ft/18 m. This is home to many species of marine life including large Trumpet Fish and Turtles.


Anse La Raye Wall

This dive site was named after the village of Anse La Raye (bay of rays). This dive at a depth of 60 ft-110 ft/18 m-34 m, features a beautiful sloping wall that is alive with a multitude of  tropical fish such as jacks, Bermuda chubs and spotted-drums and many different types of corals including brightly colored fire coral, purple vase sponges, barrel sponges, and soft coral.  Eagle Rays are often seen on this dive. 


Coral Gardens 


Located at the base of Gros Piton towering to 2438 ft/750 m above sea level,  the site ranges  from a depth 15 ft/5 m to 90 ft/27 m. Numerous five-finger corals and lots of juvenile reef fish can be seen.


North Beach

This is the most Northerly dive site we dive at, the exact point that the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. As we dive we descend as far down as 18m/60 ft. As you dive be on the look out for Scorpion fish and the Flying Gurnard fish. If we are very lucky we will see the occasional turtles and rays.

Pigeon Drift

This dive is located at the base of Pigeon Island, one of the historic landmarks of St. Lucia. The dive starts in about 15-ft/5m over sand and coral and progresses over reef and huge boulders to its maximum depth of 60 ft/18m drift taking you around the northern point. Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Lobsters and Great Barracuda are all seen regularly on this dive as well as shoals of fish from French Grunts to Creole Wrasse.

La Roche (Barrel 'O' Beef)

This is a small island a quarter mile off Pigeon Island and approximately ten minutes from the resort.  This is a simple but lovely dive that gets us close to some great sea life - we usually see enormous lobsters and big schools of Southern Senetts, which are the same family as the Barracuda. The maximum depth we go to is about 15m or 50ft and the landscape is similar to canyon terrain.


How often is the equipment inspected?

As a PADI Golden Palm Awardee, we maintain the highest standard of safety and cleanliness on all our equipment. The air tanks are visually inspected once a year and hydrostatically inspected every five years. All testing of equipment is done to PADI standards.

Do you offer night diving?

Night dives are offered at charge of US$100. This charge includes use of equipment including torch hire and the boat in non-marine reserve areas.

What is the minimum stay to complete the basic PADI course?

This basic license will require two half days or 3 to 4 hours a day for two days.

Do you dive persons who are certified with other diving agencies apart from PADI?

Yes. We recognize all international diving bodies.

How much is the PADI Scuba Diver Course?

After completing Discover Scuba, just spend ONE more day with our dive team and you can become a Certified Diver. This licence costs US$350 and takes place over one to two days. Certification is recognised worldwide and allows you to dive to 12 m/40 ft with a PADI Professional. Once you have your PADI Licence, you can dive with us at no additional cost.

Is snorkelling free?

Since we do not have a reef in close proximity to our shoreline, snorkellers accompany us on dive trips to the marine park. This is offered at a cost of US$50.00 per person.




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   Open Water Course 

   Advance Open Water Course

   Adventure Dives 

   Rescue Diver Certification 

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