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Rendezvous Main Pool

8 Things to Do Whilst at Rendezvous

Rendezvous is an ever-popular as a Caribbean – Romance Holiday destination and there are so many reasons why! This small resort is one of striking contrasts – where you can do as little, or as much as you would like.  So, whether you’d like an action-packed adventure holiday or a tranquil escape on a beautiful beach, this is just the place for you! Here are just a few examples of the diverse delights that await…

1. The Piton Climb.

Undoubtedly, the most iconic feature of Saint Lucia’s magnificent landscape, the twin peaks of Gros Piton and Petite Piton are a sight to behold.

2. A Trip to the ‘Drive Through’ Volcano and Mud Bath

Known as the Caribbean’s only ‘drive-in volcano’, the Sulphur Springs at Soufriere are a real highlight of the island’s natural wonders. You will be able to explore this dormant volcanic crater, waving between steaming hot springs. Just outside the park, you can bath in warm sulphuric pools which will leave you looking and feeling 20 years younger.

3. Chocolate Making and the Cocoa Spa Experience

There are still plenty of working cocoa plantations on island, many of which are open to the public. Allow us to take you on a chocolate making journey – Learn how cocoa is harvested and produced from the bean stage.

The Cocoa Spa experience includes a Full Body Chocolate Exfoliation and Wrap followed with a Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage featuring our own “Chocolate Mint Massage oil” to release tension and create balance.

4. Scuba

The Scuba Diving Sites along Saint Lucia’s coast are truly incredible, with beautiful coral, underwater caves and even shipwreck sites to explore!

5. Pigeon Island National Landmark

Pigeon Island National Landmark is heralded as one of the most important monuments of Saint Lucia’s history. It is a vivid representation of the cultural and historical monuments of international, civil, military and marine cross currents, characteristic of West Indian historical change. A living museum within a natural setting, Pigeon Island is being nurtured through careful protection and intelligent development to serve the intellectual, cultural and recreational needs of all who visit this historic site. Our guys at watersports will be delighted to take you on a romantic sunset cruise to the island.

6. Say “I Do” and “I Will Forever”

Have you been dreaming of the ultimate wedding or honeymoon destination? How about renewing your vows? Sandra, our wedding coordinator will assist you with just that! We will take care of every detail – all you need to do is show up.

7. Relax, Relax, Relax!

Allow our ladies to pamper you and your partner at The Spa in the Water Garden, on the beach or in the in the privacy of your own room!

8. Bubbles, Sand and Rendezvous Sunsets

After a day filled with excitement and adventure, end your days watching the famously striking Caribbean sunset, whilst sipping some Champagne in the company of your partner, on the beach. Pure Bliss!

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