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Elope Wedding Rendezvous

An Unexpected Romance

It was my best friend’s 50th birthday party. She was very excited as she hoped to see her brother there. She had not seen him for a number of years as he worked in the Middle East and we lived in the UK.
A few days before her party she was disappointed to learn that her brother couldn’t make it after all. However, he had paid for two return tickets to fly to Dubai for his sister and a friend. He planned to take annual leave and would show his sister “the sights”.
My friend thought the world of her brother and told be what a lovely guy he was…and good looking too! She told me about the holiday in Dubai and asked if I wanted to join her. So I was thrilled.
On the night of my friend’s birthday party, guess what… he turned up and I have to say, I was rather disappointed as he didn’t appear to match the picture painted by his sister at all! He was not bad looking but rather short and starting to go bald. But no worries, I was getting a free holiday from him!
During the holiday, I got to know John (my brothers friend) really well as we stayed in his apartment in Dubai. He was so kind and attentive. He took us everywhere including a weekend at Snoopy Rock; renting a chalet on the beach and barbeque dinners in the evening.
At the end of the holiday, it was my 50th birthday and John had arranged a special dinner at a Polynesian restaurant, with cake and candles. When we returned to his apartment there was champagne and presents galore; we kissed for the first time.
After I returned to the UK, John came to visit. We were engaged and married the following year. We have had 16 happy years together… well, mostly happy!

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