All Inclusive St. Lucia Diving

st lucia all inclusive divingA romantic all inclusive St. Lucia vacation changes your life forever, with marvelous memories to last a lifetime. There’s something about being on a tiny island, surrounded by nothing but the ocean, and being thousands of miles away from home that tends to put things into perspective. Not to mention the blissful feeling that comes with being in a tropical paradise you imagine must have fell out of heaven!

When it comes to scuba diving in St Lucia, from the north to the south of the island, there’s much to be discovered beneath the deep, blue sea. Last week we shared our picks of the top four (non-inclusive) dive sites on the island. This week we’ve put together a listing of the inclusive sites that are part of Rendezvous’ exclusive package, starting with the popular North Beach in Cap Estate!

North Beach

This is the northernmost dive site where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Max depth 18m/60ft. A variety of vertebrates and invertebrates are seen at this dive site off Cap Estate. Look out for the Scorpion Fish and the Flying Gurnard Fish.

Smugglers Cove

Located about 15 minutes from the BodyHoliday Resort in the north of the island, this is a gentle site witha  maximum depth of 10m or 30 ft. This is a great site to spot stingrays and the layout of the reef is also very interesting.

Secret Garden

This site is part of an area covered in corals that lies just above Pigeon Island. Maximum depth is 40ft /12m. Here we see hundreds of sea fans and sea plums following the gentle movement of the sea. This ‘secret’ holds many crevices in the rocks for divers to explore. Amongst the normal encountered species are Lobsters, Octopus, Flamingo Tongue and the colorful Yellowtail Damsel Fish or Disco Fish as we call them.

Burgot Rocks

To the West of Pigeon Island in the north, two rock formations rise above the surface. Max depth 18m/60ft. This is an interesting dive with lots of canyons to swim between. Here you see the male Sergeant Major Fish protecting the fish eggs, fending off other fish making attempts to eat these eggs.

Pigeon Drift

This is located at the base of Pigeon Island, one of the historic landmarks of St. Lucia. Depth starts from 5m/15ft - 18m/60ft with a drift taking you around the northern point. You can see lots of shoals of fish from French Grunts to Creole Wrasse. There’s also a pretty good chance that you’ll see turtles and rays!

La Roche

Just off Windjammer, this dive site is the rock you will see if you’re standing on the beach and looking north. Here we usually see enormous lobsters and big schools of Southern Senetts, which are in the same family as the Barracuda. Maximum depth 50ft/15m, and the landscape features lots of small canyons.

Bay Garden

Located about a mile outside Rendezvous, this reef lies between 12m/40ft to 15m/50ft of water. On this reef we find what looks like an old torpedo as well as a boiler and parts of a wreck. We normally also spot big Lobsters, Angel Fishes, big Puffer Fishes as well as Stingrays.

Choc Reef

A reef just a mile off Rendezvous; this is a very good place for the Discover Scuba Diving as it is a shallow reef that goes down to 30ft/10m maximum. There are sandy areas in-between the corals and the reef is host to many juvenile fishes or baby fishes. The young ones are often more colorful than the adults, and we’ll find that a lot of them are changing color and sometimes even gender as they grow older.

Malabar Reef

Located three miles outside Rendezvous. Max depth 30m/100ft plus. The reef starts at 25m therefore this dive is for Advanced Divers. Lobsters, Creole Wrasse, Sea Whip Gorgonians and Wire Coral can be seen here.