Ask our Returning Guests

Why do you take a vacation? We imagine a number of ideas are running through your mind right now. Perhaps the most popular answer would be to escape the stresses in your everyday life. These could include your job, family, the weather and a number of other factors. The main point is that you are trying to get a respite.

Consider this next question: what would make you visit a hotel again and again, Travelers have numerous choices in travel, destinations and hotels. Why would anyone want to visit the same hotel twice? The number one reason has to be the experience. You really need to have a great experience that makes you not want to leave and set a picture of that place as your desktop screensaver at work while you count the days till your next escape to that place that makes you feel good again.

We understand very well just how important a great experience is to keeping our guests happy and it is what we give them every day. Rendezvous has a rich history and it remains true to it to this day. We are a couple's retreat for those who need some time to rediscover each others time that they normally do not enjoy at home. Rendezvous can be what you want it to be. It can be your private haven and sanctuary or it can be as lively as you want it to be. Spend hours tucked away on one of the private enclaves that dot the river pool with the service of your waiter. Have a quiet candlelit dinner. Enjoy yoga, tennis, pampering at the Spa in the Water Garden. Let us throw you a great and memorable birthday or wedding party.

Many of our guests who have stayed with us multiple times can explain the experiences they have had at Rendezvous and why those experiences seem to keep them returning. It is the warmth of our team and the way they ensure you are very well looked after; it is the intimate environment that is Rendezvous; it is the freedom to do as little, or as much as you like; its the great food and great company; it is the experience.