The Boutique Hotel for Couples

Over forty years ago, the Barnard family opened the doors of their family home on the stunning Malabar beach to transient travelers. It was a great idea back then as people would amble along the beach and inevitably come to rest at Rendezvous. Even before the hotel was established, sojourners expected to be hospitably treated there. Rendezvous has stood the test of time and today is a beacon in the local industry, of service to people. Rendezvous is the boutique hotel for couples.

If we could describe Rendezvous in one word, we would use intimate; romantic; boutique. Escape away to one of the secluded enclaves in the river pool and experience those words. A vacation at Rendezvous is built on experiences...great experiences.

Now, more than ever before we are busy, stressed and just too preoccupied with the other things in our lives to focus on each other. That can not be good and that is not good. From the design and layout to the hammocks that dot the grounds, to the personalized service of a Private Beach Dinner or a Romance Massage for two, our guests get the opportunity to rediscover life's pleasures together.

Reconnecting requires escaping the stressors of today?s world and surrendering to a slower, more relaxed pace. You would n't find a television in your room because, as you will come to notice, you simply do n't need one. You would not find the angry boss or the crying kids or the broken fax machines. Rendezvous is a couples resort for the more discerning couple that wants to spend quality time together.

This is not to say that you can not make your friends envious with up-to-date Facebook posts using the wi-fi in our public areas, or enjoy a fun personal training session in our new gym or a calming treatment in the spa centre. It is a carefully crafted balance of what you need and none of the things you can do without.