Bridal Beauty: Super Foods for Super Skin

Let’s face it ladies there are enough things to worry about when it comes to planning your wedding than your skin; venue, cake, dress, bridesmaids, seating plans blah blah blah! But if you are anything like me the thought of everyone staring at you all day made you reach for the phone and the first thing you booked was your hair and facial appointments. Oh yes, believe me, I had a course of scrubs, peels and anything else they could do for me booked before I’d even picked my dress. But if you are not quite as frantic as I was to book a multitude of treatments there are super foods you can start including in your diet to ensure your skin is looking flawless on the big day.

Water. Drinking an adequate amount of water is not just important for digestion, circulation and absorption but dehydration can leave your skin dry, tight, flaky and more prone to wrinkles. Look to take in at least 1.5 liters of water daily from filtered water or caffeine free herbal teas.

Chia seeds. An excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce redness and inflammation in the skin. Too little omega 3 in the diet may contribute to eczema and psoriasis. Try adding them to your smoothies or oatmeal for a super food start to the day. If you can’t get chia seeds look to get your omega 3 from walnuts, flaxseed oil or fresh salmon.

Blueberries. Premature aging, cell damage and acne are all caused by free radicals that damage the cells in the body, antioxidants fight these free radicals so help reduce the signs of aging as well as illness as disease in the body. Blueberries are one of the most antioxidant rich foods you should look to include in your diet, whether they are fresh or frozen enjoy them with a dollop of Greek yogurt for a super food afternoon snack.

Spinach. A good source of Vitamin C that aids the body’s production of collagen to tighten skin and prevent wrinkles, it is also packed with a host of other vitamins and minerals that promote health and wellbeing from the inside out so add a handful to your salads for a nutrient dense dinner, other great sources of vitamin C include parsley and bell peppers, so top your salad with these for variety and flavor too.

Oysters. A great source of zinc involved in metabolizing testosterone, which effects the production of oily substances responsible for acne. Zinc is also vital in assisting new cell production to give skin a glow! If you don’t like the sliminess of oysters try fresh salmon or sunflower seeds instead.

Almonds. The vitamin E found in almonds protects the skin from sun damage, helps the skin hold in moisture relieving dryness and keeping it looking younger. A serving of almonds is around 23 nuts, so keep a bag in your desk for your go to snack at the office.

Kale. Another great source of antioxidants from the vitamin A content that fight free radicals in the body that lead to premature aging. Other vitamin A rich foods include mangoes and carrots

 Try including as many of these super foods into your diet along with a good skin care routine to ensure a healthy, glowing look on your special day.