Discovering New Experiences with Rendezvous Jive June!

couples dancingLearn to dance together. In modern day relationships, learning something new together is a great bonding tactic, and a way to get to know you partner on a deeper level than you already do. Since we’re on the topic, and why not make it something fun that results in both of you scoring some new moves to show off together on the dance floor?

New experiences lead the way to building greater perimeters of love, and Rendezvous’ Jive June this year is the perfect opportunity for couples to enhance their dancing portfolios. Create lasting memories while perfecting your moves with the team from Learn to Dance UK, in St Lucia this year at the Rendezvous Couples Resort. From Cha Cha Cha and Tango, to the Waltz and Friday night dancing evenings on the Terrace, you’ll be ready to take the dance floor by storm in no time!

Here’s a Quick Jive June Dancing Tip from Learn to Dance UK: When it comes to dance shoes, generally it doesn’t matter as long as you're comfortable and can move around freely. Ideal shoes are dance shoes, but for beginners anything should be fine so long as you try to avoid too high a heel.