The Father Daughter Dance at Rendezvous

He’s the man who loved you first, so it’s fitting that he’d be the one to walk you down the aisle on your big day. It’s going to be sentimental, and expectedly, more than a little emotional, but the last thing you’re going to want to have to endure on your St Lucia Wedding day is walking down the aisle to the cheesiest love tune. Sure you want the moment to be as light hearted and fun as possible, but who really wants to remember their father daughter walk with the most inappropriate love song blaring in the background?

This week we got the Rendezvous wedding team here in St. Lucia to share some of their top picks for Father Daughter Wedding Dance tunes:

John Mayer – Daughters 

I know a girl, she puts the colour inside of my world…”

Fleetwood Man – Landslide

Oh mirror in the sky, what is love?”

Billy Joel – Lullaby

Goodnight, my angel now it's time to dream…  And dream how wonderful your life will be


Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely

Isn’t she lovely, made from love…

Beyonce - Daddy

“There is no one else like my daddy, and I thank you for loving me…”