Get in Shape for Your Saint Lucia Wedding

get in shape for your st lucia weddingYour St. Lucia wedding is finally set! You are slowly realizing that the Big Day is coming up faster than ever… Stress is building up; you absolutely want everything to look perfect, especially yourself. You have to trigger your brain into entering in “super confidence” mode as soon as possible.

Fruit detoxing will help you lose weight while keeping your energy level high. Most importantly, you won’t feel like your starving yourself. Why? Because you can choose any fruit that you like. You can eat them by themselves, or you can blend them into smoothies: most importantly, you can have them all day long. 

However, there are some fruits that have a high detoxifying power: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemon etc. You got it, citrus fruits. You can add those to other fruits in order to achieve your goal. During all 6 days, you will have to enter into a particular, but easy eating habit. Start the day with a fruit smoothie. For lunch and dinner, in addition to the fruits you want to eat, make sure you eat little amounts of foods with fiber, potassium, vitamin, good fat, foliates and protein.*

Fiber: kidney beans, allbran cereal, quicker oats, etc.

Potassium: white and sweet potato, carrots, etc.

Vitamins: cauliflower, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Foliates: cooked spinach, asparagus, black eyed peas, etc.

Protein: fish, chicken, lean beef, etc.


Like all detox programs, there are a few things you should avoid such as alcohol, added sugar, smoking, sodas, etc.

You will also have to drink plenty of water and rest a lot. Daily exercises during this time-phase are much recommended:

Day 1: Your energy level being low in the morning, join our trainers for Yoga class. This will help create blood circulation in your body.

Day 2: Join circuit training with light weights targeting every single muscle in your body.

Day 3: Join a pilates class, strengthening your abdominal core muscle for balance and stability. 

Day 4:  Start from Rendezvous and walk faster than your normal pace along the beach which will result in a 2,5 km long walk.

Day 5: With the 45-minute aqua class, you will lengthen, tone and strengthen your muscles.

You’ve been disciplined and followed the first 5 days correctly; you should by now be feeling already full of energy and at the same time totally relaxed. You have accomplished 5/6 of the program.  Tomorrow is the big day. Are you ready?

Day 6 (Wedding Day): Wake up early. Start the day with a yoga class followed by our signature serenity massage. This will soothe your body and mind to get you 100% ready for the most important day of your life.