The Magic of Night Diving

couples resort, saint luciaScuba diving is quite a magnificent hobby to enjoy in Saint Lucia. From the shipwrecks to amazing reefs here at the Rendezvous couples resort, we offer a wide range of possibilities. One of our favorite dives – and probably the most adventurous dive we offer – is the night dive. So if you have never done it before, here is your chance.

A night dive is far from any daytime dive you have ever done for a few reasons. First of all - and most obvious; because it’s pitch-black. This not only makes the whole thing more impressive, but you’ll feel your adrenaline rising and your senses sharpen.

Although it’s dark, you and your dive buddies’ torches are enough to create a lit area, allowing you to see each other. The rest is pure darkness. Needless to say, the whole atmosphere is very special.

Of course a night dive wouldn’t be that special if all you saw was darkness... Thankfully, the second reason why night dives are so amazing is because of the marine life you see. The fellows you usually don’t see on regular daytime dives are out and about. Intrigued by our lights, they remain docile and do not flee. Lobsters, giant crabs, sleeping parrot fish, puffer fish, eels hunting…  It’s a wonderful scuba experience in an amazing environment.

Enough said; you’ll have to check it out for yourselves! But bear in mind, a Rendezvous night dive wouldn’t be what it is without the loads of fun we have on the boat, before and after... “What happens on the boat during night dives stay on the boat”, so make sure to ask Chris or Cheldon, for “the Coconut joke”, as they’re sure to make your romantic vacation to the Rendezvous couples resort something to remember for the rest of your life!