Planning Your St. Lucia Wedding

wedding in st lucia Your St Lucia wedding at Rendezvous Resort is coming up very fast. You probably have dozens of unanswered questions remaining. Here are a few important questions that we get quite often and that you might also have:

1. Is a Saint Lucian wedding recognized in my country?

Answer: The Marriage Certificate granted is legal and recognized worldwide, however for non-English Speaking nations the marriage certificate has to be accompanied by an apostle - which can be applied for from the Foreign Affairs department in Saint Lucia. Though registered in the said State, it is recommended that your wedding should be registered at your local registry- it is as simple as presenting a certified copy of your marriage certificate to your local registry office for processing.

2. Can Rendezvous arrange religious ceremonies?

Answer: We do welcome requests for religious ceremonies and can arrange for them to be held at a denomination of your choice.

3. Can you arrange pre wedding celebrations? Bachelors or Bachelorettes parties?

Answer: Yes, upon requests, we can arrange parties at the local clubs. For the men, we can arrange fishing, ATV, Paint ball and other fun activities Saint Lucia offers. As for the ladies we can also arrange, Spa treatments, Beauty makeovers, shopping sprees etc.

4. Does Rendezvous offer alternative options for bad weather?

Answer: Yes, in the event of bad weather, we can either offer indoor locations or amend the wedding day according to the weather forecast. We are very flexible.

5. How many weddings take place at the hotel each day?

Answer: At Rendezvous, we want to make sure that your wedding is as personalized and intimate as possible.  We arrange one wedding a day. However if you have any special date request that overlap an already planned wedding, we can organize it; but weddings at Rendezvous St Lucia will not be booked at the same time in one day.

6. How many days do we need to arrive prior to the ceremony?

Answer:  Usually, you are required to be on Island three working days before the wedding in order to allow the legal processes for the license application. However the application process can be expedite at an extra fee which will allow you to be on sight only one day before the actual wedding ceremony.

7. Are witnesses required?

Answer: Like all weddings, a minimum of two witnesses are required. If you are travelling alone, the hotel will provide you with witnesses. You can also choose between staff members and other guests you might get to know before the wedding. If you are with a group, or family, several people can serve as witnesses.

8. Can we invite guests to our wedding if they aren’t staying at the hotel?

Answer: Yes, we do provide day passes for non-resident guests. 

9. Can we choose the music for the ceremony?

Answer: Yes, you can! We have an iPod docking station and CD player so feel free to create your own personal wedding playlist. We also have our own music which is available to choose from.

10. Is there a limit to the number of guests who can attend the wedding?

Answer: The inclusive wedding option allows you to bring six additional guests. However, if you wish to have more people, you can purchase day passes.


Did we answer all of your questions? If not, feel free to contact the Rendezvous couples resort here and start planning your St. Lucia wedding.