Relaxation at Rendezvous

rendezvous couples resortWhat better way to give your relationship a boost than to relax together? When nothing else matters but time spent discovering new things together, the only way to go is up. Even more so when it comes to venturing into new territory, an island in smack in the middle of the ocean, bordered by the romantic Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, where the people speak two different languages, and embrace a culture that is very likely much different from your own.

The Caribbean isle of St Lucia is synonymous with rest and relaxation. Life slows down dramatically on the couple's resort, giving you time to embrace things you’d normally take for granted. Time is yours to do with as you wish, and it is places like this in St. Lucia that allow you to discover yourself, and your lover all over again. 

Find your Rendezvous relaxation by spending the day out in the sunshine at Malabar Beach, sprawled out on a beach chair, refreshing cocktail in hand, dipping into the ocean to cool off. Or why not spend the day exploring the resort, taking in flora and fauna that are powerful remainders of just how ineffably beautiful life and creation is in actuality. Consider even, spending the day sailing out in the ocean, touring the island by Jeep Safari, or even going out for a bicycle tour. Feel the nourishing effects of the sun poolside, as you and yours disappear into your own blissful Caribbean bubble that only the two of you are allowed in. Drift down the lazy river to your own private island, where time and place fade away, and all that remains is the present. Or make the most of the rest and relaxation that can be found in Rendezvous’ luxury, Caribbean inspired rooms, and other cozy areas that can be found on property. 

Do as much or as little as you’d like, the possibilities are endless. Just be sure to make some time to find your Rendezvous Relaxation. Do what works for you. Everything else can wait…