The Rendezvous Allure

rendezvous couples resort st luciaThere are places on earth you can travel to, which literally make you feel as though time has slowed down for a series of moments. As balanced, blissful and enchantingly beautiful as these places always turn out to be, time spent there always seems to be crawling by, all the while moving entirely too quickly!

Places like this are few and far between, and when you find them, much like hidden treasures found buried beneath Caribbean sands, they are to be appreciated. After all, travel is meant for people to gain appreciation of not just the world but of themselves. Every experience and detail of a vacation in a life changing place is meant to be embraced and held close to the heart of a traveler.

Without tooting any horns, St. Lucia is one of those places that is impossible not to love. Once you’ve eloped to St Lucia, the island, surrounded by the ocean and adorned with captivating greenery, has a way of settling your soul, putting life into perspective. Sometimes the Helen of the West even steals away Cupid’s arrow in an effort to see Romance Rekindled!  Quite appropriate that St Lucia would be home to one of the most romantic couples resort in the world; a place where love leads the way, and romance blooms constantly, effortlessly.

The Rendezvous Couples Resort is truly an Exotic Oasis of love. Some who come to discover the Caribbean discover themselves, and others find themselves embarking on an unexpected island romance, or reigniting something previously taken for granted. Rendezvous romance, or romance by the sea… who could wish for anything more?