Saving for your St. Lucia Wedding

We all have some sort of idea of the sort of wedding we want. When we are younger there is no limit to the extravagance of our wedding because it?s that perfect fairytale wedding, of course. As we grow older, however, reality starts to creep into that dream and shows us that we just might need to scale back a bit?or a lot.

According to The Wedding Report, a market research publication, the average price of a U.S. wedding in 2010 was over $24,000. Granted, this is going to be one the most special days of your life, but do you (or can you) really afford to spend this much money on your wedding? A wedding is the beginning of a new life together and $24,000 could be the down payment on a home, among other things.

A carefully planned wedding can solve this issue. There are a number of cost-effective measures that you can take to ensure that your wedding budget stays under control, while still maintaining the ?dream effect?.

Most important on the list is to have a mutually agreed on budget in mind and to stick to it! You'll need to shop around and get quotes on the best prices for the services you?ll need. A bit of flexibility will go a long way in ensuring you maintain your budget.
Shop around for your wedding dress. One great tip that can save you money is shopping for once-used wedding designer wedding dresses. They look great, cost less and your guests will have no idea.

The guest list is very important. Seemingly small items like invitations can have a big impact. Consider the cost of purchasing and mailing invitations versus emailing (which is free). The size of the guest list makes a big difference, so remember this and choose your guests wisely.

Decorations and flowers can take a chunk out of your wedding budget. You want to use less traditional, yet beautiful design pieces like paper lanterns, shells and so on. Search the internet for cost-friendly design ideas?you?ll be surprised what you can find!

The venue of your wedding can also add to the cost. Do you want the more costly, traditional event spaces or would you rather pay less for non-traditional event spaces (for example, parks, beaches, gardens). Look at the cost of a destination wedding, as opposed to one at home. For example, Rendezvous provides the services of their expert wedding planner who creates a bespoke wedding by involving you in the key steps of the process but doing the leg work. You?ve got an exceptional Caribbean venue, a potentially minimal guest list, professionally done decorations, and you choose the options you want to add on. Top it all up with the fact that your wedding destination is an intimate couple?s resort that makes for the perfect honeymoon destination and you?re all set.