St. Lucia is a Diver's Paradise!

dive at the st lucia couples resortSome of the most exciting dive sites yet can be found on your romantic vacation in St Lucia, so grab your scuba gear, and let’s head into the blue! Scuba diving is ideal if you’re looking for something exhilarating and fun to do with your significant other, while spending time in the most romantic place on the planet!

This week the team at the Rendezvous Couples Resort voted on the top four (non-inclusive) sites in the south of the island. You’re sure to fall in love with one, or all of these marine park dives!

Superman's Flight (Soufriere) This is a drift dive on a gentle wall that drops to 500m/1500ft. You enter the water at the base of Petit Piton, which rises 732m/2438ft above you. On this exhilarating drift dive you will ''fly-by'' lots of gorgonians, giant barrel sponges and shoals of brightly colored fish!

The Pinnacles (Soufriere)

This dive site has four pinnacles and is a favorite for divers because of the coral growth and rich life that surround these four pinnacles. It is possible to see anything from sea horses, barracuda to big jacks cruising outside into the blue. There are narrow passage ways between the pinnacles that are very exciting to explore.

Grand Kaye (Soufriere)

Wall or step slope located in the bay of Soufriere. We often find a current that takes us along the site. This is a site where we can spot anything from Barracudas, turtles and on occasion schools of Manta rays. This is always a favorite site.

Petit Trou (little hole) Soufriere

One of the dive sites that offers the most fish, from the small damselfish to the Southern Sting ray. There are lots of moray eels and scorpion fish around; there are also a variety of Snappers here. If we are lucky we can also see a Frogfish. The dive sites ranges from around 15ft/5m to around 40ft/12m.

Best place to spot turtles: Anse-la-Raye Wall

Located just outside the village, ‘The Wall’ slopes down to around 100ft/30m. This is probably the best place for spotting Turtles as there seems to be three of them living around the site. On this dive we’re often accompanied by schools of Creole Wrasse and Spadefish.

Next week we’ll tell you more about the dive sites that are all inclusive at the Rendezvous Couples Resort!