Top 5 St. Lucia Wedding Questions

st lucia wedding at rendezvousThere’s so much you need to take into consideration when planning a Caribbean wedding. Who to invite, what theme to go with, and where on earth to have it in the first place! Questions like these often top the list, but there are a few things many couples overlook on the journey to happily EverAfter. This week we’ve put together the top five frequently asked questions relating to planning a wedding in St Lucia. See more here.

Q: Why do so many couples decide to get married in St Lucia?

A: There’s so much to love about the Caribbean, particularly St Lucia; the tropical atmosphere, lush greenery, captivating scenery, inviting beaches, and so much more. There are so many different options when it comes to wedding venues that couples are not obligated to stick with traditional church weddings. The best part of it all? Whatever option you go for comes with a slice of paradise!

Q: How long do you need to be on the island before you get married?

A: Couples are required by law to be on the island for 3 workings days (not including your arrival day) before they get married.

Q: Is the marriage legally binding?

A: Yes, the marriage is a legal binding marriage. You may register your marriage at your local courthouse by presenting your marriage certificate.

Q: Can couples bring their own music?

A: We provide a selection of recorded music that is included in the FREE wedding offer, as well as fabulous optional extras such as a live Steel Band or a Guitarist - but you can feel free to bring along your own wedding music. We recommend that you bring it in the form of CD.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We do offer alternative indoor locations and you can also choose to postpone your St. Lucia wedding to another date or time.