The Wedding Do, Right For You

wedding at rendezvous couples resortNo ifs or buts about it, your EverAfter wedding hairstyle at the Rendezvous Couples Resort needs to be as original as you. Your wedding day in St. Lucia will (hopefully) come around just once, and that’s more than enough reason to take care of all the minor details, including which hairstyle goes best with your gown.

Soft, sleek and flowy, sweet and curly, prim, proper and pinned up, or a combination that accentuates your best features? Decisions, decisions!

First things first. It’s a good idea to get feedback from friends, family, your hubby to be, or even your St. Lucia wedding planner at Rendezvous, on which hairstyles suit you best. You don’t necessarily have to go with their opinions, but the feedback might help make your decision easier, particularly if the majority agree with the look you already had in mind.

There’s no need to let everyone in on what you’ve decided… they’ll find out at the ceremony on your big day!  In the meantime, here are a few wedding day style considerations from the Rendezvous wedding team:

  • When deciding upon a wedding do, the most important thing to keep in mind is the venue. For example, an updo can be the perfect fit for a beach wedding as having your hair pinned back prevents it from getting in your face during the ceremony. Its super alluring to have your hair blowing softly in the wind, until it gets stuck in your lip gloss as you’re exchanging vows!
  • If your dress is one with lots of intricate detail around the neckline, an elegant updo might work best for you.
  • Be open to trying new styles before the wedding. Just because something has always worked for you doesn’t mean that another option won’t be just as, or even more fabulous than your typical special occasion go to.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a dazzling hair accessories. Find a style that suits you and give your already glamorous hair a super boost.
  • Bare shoulders can be best accentuated by free flowing locks. Go with a hairdo that’s along the same theme line as your gown.
  • Take extra special care of your tresses in the weeks leading up to your wedding, and particularly on your wedding day. Be selective in the types of products you use, as certain moisturizers and products can weigh down your hair and make it difficult to work with, which can impact your wedding hair style.
  • Some stylists advise that brides avoid making dramatic hair changes, particularly haircuts too close to the wedding. Unless you are absolutely certain of what you want, and the result, don’t do anything you think you may regret.
  • Most importantly, go with the hair style that makes you feel most attractive. You can’t go wrong when you’re burst with love and confidence on the inside!