Bob & Amy's Romantic Holidays

We had never been on a couple's only vacation before, but the kids have both gone to college and we found that with more time on our hands we wanted to find a place that offered us a little us time. After 20 years of bringing up the children, we felt that we deserved a rest.

Boy did we get that! And in truck loads.  I didn?t move a muscle all week ? you want another drink; then it arrives. You need another towel by the pool; just holler. You want to be left alone to soak up the sun; then no one will draft you into a stupid beach game!

Oh and what a beach. We walked and talked like we were on our first date. We spent more time together over this one-week vacation than we had over the last ten years ? and discovered we still loved each other!!

Thanks Rendezvous for giving us a perfect romantic holidays in St Lucia.

romantic vacation for couples, st lucia