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Romantic Vacation for Couples in St Lucia

Create your Ever After

Customized Wedding
Customize your beautiful St. Lucia wedding. Choose from an array of flowers, cakes, settings, and more. Start building your dream #EverAfter wedding today!
Run into the sunset in beautiful St. Lucia for your dream Caribbean wedding. St Lucia provides a unique tropical adventure and includes all the features of the Premium EverAfter Collection. Your wedding planner at the resort also offers round-trip travel to the wedding location, and an exotic orange, yellow, lemon and ivory flower bouquet for the bride-to-be.
Exotic Oasis
Start your St. Lucia waiting off by escaping to an exotic location on island, either or on off resort. Exchange your vows under a bamboo canopy in a unique setting, lit by wrought-iron antique lamps and votive candles. This premium wedding option features a purple, lemon and lilac orchid bouquet.
Island Romance
Your St. Lucia wedding starts when we whisk you and a few friends away to a beautiful private island. Your wedding will be on a gorgeous beach in the most exotic of settings. Walk along a conch shell aisle to a standing driftwood arbor, adorned with loose tropical Caribbean flowers, and exchange promises of love EverAfter.
Romance by the Sea
The Romance by the Sea wedding option draws its inspiration from the beauty and natural elements of the ocean. The lovely couple will exchange wedding vows under unique driftwood structures, adorned with white flowing sheers. This wedding option features a custom bridal bouquet of white orchids, roses and freshly picked sea grapes.
Romance in Bloom
When you walk down an aisle in St. Lucia, you'll find it sprinkled with flower petals and surrounded by lush gardens and an abundance of exotic Caribbean flowers; in a setting reminiscent of an early summer garden party. Exchange promises and rings under garden obelisk topiaries draped with flowing white sheers, where the bride will carry a bouquet in many shades of pink.
A Special
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