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At Rendezvous, we want you to savour every minute. And every morsel. We know good food and wine are essential ingredients for life’s best moments and our happiest memories.

Dining on lobster under the stars, an island barbecue on the beach, a chilled cocktail in the sun or a glass of champagne by candlelight – every possibility is on the menu. There’s the Terrace Restaurant. Relaxed and breezy, it’s a hotspot for breakfast and lunch that, at dusk, is transformed into a chic, candlelit eatery for romantic dinners.

Trysting-place-6x4The Trysting Place, steeped with elegance, is Rendezvous’ most glamourous setting and a must for fine dining. Beachside, the Pool Bar is right at hand for something quenching and cold, while at the centre of it all, the Terrace Bar offers the perfect place for mixing, and sipping your favourite drink in the shade. And, finally, the Champagne Bar, our own island nightspot, open until the early hours.

At each of the all-inclusive resort’s restaurants and bars, our chefs, mixologists and sommeliers are intent on ensuring you relish your time away. Which is why they cater to every thirst and any craving, anytime of the day or night.

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