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Our Bars

We have three bars to choose from. During the day swim up to our Pool Bar and enjoy a cooling drink, while the Terrace Bar is the centre point for you to mingle, enjoy your favourite cocktail and to sit back and enjoy a drink at almost any time. If you prefer a cooler atmosphere, the air-conditioned Champagne Bar stays lively until the last guest goes to bed! Book your romantic holidays to St Lucia today!

Terrace-1If you are an early riser and sneak out of your room, you will often find a couple of solitary figures sitting on the rattan sofas watching dawn break over the Caribbean. The Terrace bar starts early at Rendezvous and is the hub of all activity. As the early risers leave, people sit and chat after breakfast, giving way to the couples as they start to pop in for a morning coffee. Coffee then gives way to the first drink of the day before lunch and from that point on the bar is never quiet. Afternoon tea is enjoyed and groups of people sit and chat. Pre-dinner drinks are taken and then after your meal, come back, relax and take in a show and taste a rum punch or a local beer. We can mix any drink you want!

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