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Festive Season at Rendezvous, St Lucia

December Preview

We look forward to seeing both of you in December. The countdown to your romantic sojourn has begun.  Here are some of our top recommendations for fun things to do, if you are visiting us next month and especially if you are with us at Christmas time or seeing in the New Year with us.

Staying at Rendezvous is all about embracing the four human experiences, that truly make happily-ever-after real; celebration, relaxation, discovery and intimacy, and this December Rendezvous will be presenting all of these wrapped up in a series of activities we call Stolen Moments. They are guaranteed to bring romance bubbling to the surface, like a glass of vintage champagne.


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Stolem Moments for Couples in St Lucia

If  Rendezvous is your December honeymoon destination,  take a look at our honeymoon upgrades. There are special themed packages which are designed to make any honeymoon simply unforgettable.


Facials at The Spa in the Water Garden

If you pre-arrange three individual treatments at the Spa in the Water Garden you’ll save 25% on all of them. Could be a great idea for a surprise Christmas gift?


All Inclusive Couples Vacation in Caribbean

If you’re here for the festive season, you are in for a treat. There won’t be snow or log fires, but we can promise turkey with all the trimmings, mince pies, eggnog and lots and lots of love.

TIME IS......

Couples Yoga in St Lucia

Being together spiritually can be as important and as fulfilling as being with each other physically. Yoga and meditation can uplift your relationship. Give it a try and learn Couples yoga during your stay.


Learn Massage at Rendezvous

Learning to massage each other is an amazing tool to enhance any relationship. It is full of care and love for each other. It’s worth every moment and something you can take home, you won’t lose.


Farm to Table Experience

An authentic experience turning moments into memories! Go to market with Chef, choose produce from the local farmer’s market, then create a meal in an al fresco kitchen using your market purchases.


This year Rendezvous has joined in a community-based project to provide some Christmas cheer for those less fortunate than ourselves. What we are aiming to do is provide all underserved kids on the island with at least one gift from Santa. If you would like to participate all you need do is buy a gift or two that will fit in your luggage, make sure gifts are wrapped and simply hand them in on arrival at Concierge. The age range is from 4 – 12yrs and it would help if you could attach a card with the appropriate age for the gift and the gender ( girl or boy} also indicated. We would be eternally grateful and it could make some kid’s Christmas just that little bit special this year…

To arrange your Stolen Moments

Please click here to custom build your romantic escape to StolenTime

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