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Festive Season at Rendezvous, St Lucia

Stealing time together in December

We look forward to seeing both of you this December. The countdown to your romantic sojourn has begun.

Since it is the season of goodwill we have an early gift for you both. If you would like to pre order wine for your stay, then if you do so now before you arrive we’ll reduce the bill by 15%.

StolenTime is about embracing four human experiences, that truly make happily-ever-after real; celebration, relaxation, discovery and intimacy and this December, Rendezvous will be presenting all of these wrapped up in a series of activities we call “Stolen Moments”. They are guaranteed to bring romance bubbling to the surface, like a glass of vintage champagne.

If you are staying over the holiday period and are wondering what’s in store, we are in the process of completing our programme and we’ll send you a copy as soon as it is ready.

Lest we should forget, of course, since Rendezvous is meant to be a place for celebrating romance, don’t forget to tell us if you have an anniversary or any special date you’d like to celebrate together at Rendezvous.



En Bas Saut Hike

Two hours’ drive into Fond St. Jacques (The Valley of The Green Parrots) this hiking trail takes you into the interior of the island and the Edmund Rainforest, where the challenge of the En Bas Saut (Under the Waterfall) trail begins. The hike will take about 40 minutes downhill into the waterfall where you may have a refreshing swim before taking the exit trail back out. US350.00

Order your Wines Now


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Rendezvous Pre-Arrival Wine Order




Couples Wellness Resort Rendezvous

We know that couples who do things together, stay together. To add to the many activities at Rendezvous designed for couples to enjoy, we’ve recently added some wellness experiences built around the premise that the two of you could enjoy doing these together.


Picnic at Beach in St Lucia

We create special romantic experiences at Rendezvous that we call “Stolen Moments”. One such moment is known as “Bubbles & Sand” To book this or any other Stolen Moment, you can do so through the StolenTime Specialist, who is there to help you customise your holiday.


Personalize Your Stay at Rendezvous

Sometimes it feels like holidays come and go so quickly and you never get to do all the things you promised yourself. Rendezvous is all about stealing time, so get in touch with our Stolen Time specialist and she will know exactly how to make the most of the time you are with us.


Couples Yoga in St Lucia

Being together spiritually can be as fulfilling as being with each other physically. Yoga and meditation can enrich your relationship by keeping you both in synch. Learning yoga together keeps you on the same path.


Adventure Holiday in St Lucia

Discovering new things and finding new places together with your life partner is an experience that will strengthen the bond you have as partners. Saint Lucia provides an adventure playground in which to try some adventures and explore.


Stealing Time Together

Here is another of our most popular Stolen Moments. Curl up together on the beach under the stars and enjoy a full-length feature film. We guarantee there will be no horror or violence, just good drama and comedy.

To arrange your Stolen Moments

Please click here to custom build your romantic escape to StolenTime

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