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Romantic Couple Under Tree


Time it would appear is a rare commodity these days. It seems our lives are run against a big clock that makes us schedule time, keep time, set an appointed time, run out of time, be pressed for time! Even with all the technology at our fingertips we have become slaves to time, not masters of it. in fact the little spare time we might have had, has been hijacked by social media.

It is a world that is always ‘on’. It is a world of smartphone addiction and iPad dependence. It is a world of mass communication, but a world of little connection. It is a world that says ‘I haven’t got enough time’.

Sound familiar? Watch the video below and see how we do it..

So how do you find time? How do you beat it and get on top of it? How do you get sneaky and steal it back for your family, your friends and your life partner? We hear people tell us that they struggle to find time together – schedules pulling them apart, work/life balance in shreds.

We also know that there are a multitude of wonderful resorts, with lovely rooms, pristine beaches and warm sunshine in many parts of the World, also with an eye to romance and couples reconnecting amidst a frantic lifestyle, So why would Rendezvous be able to offer vacations for adult couples with something just a little bit different? It is quite simply that we’ve learned the trick of treating every couple as being entirely different and having very different ideas on how they want to get back some quality time. It’s personalization with a big helping of understanding. In a nutshell, some resorts can help you to mark time, but at Rendezvous you learn to steal it for yourself to keep.



All Inclusive Couples Vacation at Rendezvous

All of our rooms and suites have been renovated together with the public areas and pools.


All Inclusive Vacation at Rendezvous

We’ve added a Water Garden feature which includes the amazing ‘Spa in the Water Garden’


All Inclusive Couples Retreat at Rendezvous

Providing even more choice since your last visit is Malabar Beach Club our third restaurant.


Stolen Moments at St Lucian Resort, Rendezvous

Stolen Moments are what make up Stolen Time. If we make the most of each moment together, we’ll steal away time.


Jive June at All Inclusive St Lucia Resort

Come this June and discover why dancing is one of the best things you and your partner can do together to reconnect.


Honeymoon Packages at Rendezvous

Browsing our ‘Ever After collection’ of Honeymoon experiences, is step one to an unforgettable first holiday.

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