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Pitons in St Lucia


Environmental Practices at Rendezvous

It has been a growing concern among our entire team for a “greener” resort as we experience increased awareness of environmental damage and excessive consumption of goods, energy and water.

We have therefore taken the following action to show our commitment to producing a greener environment in no particular order.

Staff Awareness

  • Team members have been trained to incorporate environmental housekeeping practices in their daily routines.
  • All staff are actively involved in improving the operating efficiency of all equipment.

Waste Management

  • Waste disposal practices; office paper, packaging.
  • Linen, Robes and towel reuse program for guests.
  • We have ceased all use of plastic straws when serving beverages in all of our outlets.

Water Conservation

  • We constantly monitor water use on property.
  • We have switched to using low-flow shower heads and toilets in every room.
  • Our plant species that require less water for landscaping.
  • There are signs in restrooms, restaurants, and kitchen areas, which educate our guests about water conservation.
  • Regularly check for leaks and repairs have been scheduled.

Energy Management

  • We now use energy saving light bulb such as compact florescent lights (CFL).
  • We have also incorporated timers on outdoor lighting for walkways.
  • We clean light fixtures and diffusers regularly for optimal light output.
  • We ask that every guest should turn off lights when leaving the room.


  • We have adjusted our  sprinklers for proper coverage to optimize space and avoid runoff onto paved surfaces.
  • We have installed a drip irrigation system which uses low volume irrigation.
  • The Landscaping team uses trees and plants that tolerate the climate, soil and water availability.

Hazardous and Toxic Substances

  • All chemical products are stored in their original containers with tight fitting lids.
  • We use the least toxic cleaning products and substances as possible.


  • We purchase local, organic, and environmentally-friendly goods from our local vendors.


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