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Stolen Time

Time it would appear is a rare commodity these days. It seems our lives are run against a big clock that makes us schedule time, keep time, set an appointed time, run out of time, be pressed for time! Even with all the technology at our fingertips we have become slaves to time, not masters of it.

It is a world that is always ‘on’. It is a world of smartphone addiction and iPad dependence. It is a world of mass communication, but a world of little connection. It is a world that says ‘I haven’t got enough time’.

Sound familiar?

So how do you find time? How do you beat it and get on top of it? How do you get sneaky and steal it? We hear people tell us that they struggle to find time together – schedules pulling them apart, work/life balance in shreds.

Time stops us from being intimate; it prevents us from being together.

We rarely have the opportunity to shout STOP! Modern life sometimes fails us. It is an obstacle. So what can we do? We can’t make the world stand still. After all we are only offering a holiday, not a miracle. But a holiday is all about time, a time to catch up, a time to find your balance. It is a time to escape the norm. Maybe all you need is to steal some time away – a few days, a week, two.

Steal time Together in St Lucia
Stolen Moments for Couples
Couples romance in Caribbean Beach
Steal time Together in St Lucia

Rendezvous allows you to find time, time to relax, time to talk. It gives you time to reconnect and reflect. It gives you time to concentrate, to refocus. It gives you time to be together. It gives you time to rediscover what matters most – you. It also gives you permission to do nothing – imagine that!

We all need a retreat, where time is our own, where we are the masters of it. At Rendezvous you have all the time in the world.

So lets start with some language. At Rendezvous we do not schedule time, keep time, have an appointed time, get out of time, be pressed for time. Instead we make time; take time, have time, enjoy good times, get quality time.Rendezvous is the place of stolen time.

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