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Romantic Dining at Malabar

Stealing time in February

We look forward to seeing both of you in February, traditionally the most romantic month. The countdown to your romantic Valentine sojourn has begun.  Here are some of our top recommendations for fun things to do, if you are visiting us next month.

StolenTime is about embracing four human experiences, that truly make happily-ever-after real; celebration, relaxation, discovery and intimacy, and this February, Rendezvous will be presenting all of these wrapped up in a series of activities we call Stolen Moments. They are guaranteed to bring romance bubbling to the surface, like a glass of vintage champagne. Also this February, the Independent Nation of Saint Lucia will be 39 years old and Independence day is on 22nd. We can help you to join in the celebrations if you would like to attend any of the events.


To make your February visit even more memorable, our Spa special is something to keep in mind, since to celebrate Valentines you can save 25% on any Couples Treatment for example:

  • Couples Mini Escape – this includes a full body massage and mini facial for her and a deep tissue back and foot massage for him ( US $165 for 50 minutes). Please go and check out the Spa to see more details about all our pampering treatments.

Have a look also at our new “Extra Special Options” or Private Dining




Couples Wellness Resort Rendezvous

We know that couples who do stuff together, stay together. To add to the many activities at Rendezvous designed for couples to enjoy, we’ve recently added some wellness experiences built around the premise that the two of you enjoy these together.


Picnic at Beach in St Lucia

We create special romantic experiences at Rendezvous that we call “Stolen Moments”. One such moment is known as “Bubbles & Sand” To book this or any other Stolen Moment, you can do so through the StolenTime specialist, who is there to help you customise your holiday.


Detox Journey at Rendezvous

Jump start your New Year and discover a new you with the Spa on the Water Garden’s Detox Experience. Detoxify your body, revitalize your mind and restore your spirit with this wellness journey. US$199 (1 hr 40 mins). Also, receive 10% off any pre-booked treatments.


Couples Yoga in St Lucia

Being together spiritually can be as important and as fulfilling as being with each other physically. Yoga and meditation can uplift your relationship. Give it a try and learn Couples yoga during your stay.


Adventure Holiday in St Lucia

Discovering new things and finding new places together with your life partner is an experience that will strengthen the bond you have as partners. Saint Lucia provides an adventure playground in which to try some adventures and explore.


Breakfast in Bed on the Beach, St Lucia

Here is another of our most popular Stolen Moments. A luxurious and comfortable four poster bed, set up in a secluded part of our amazing Malabar Beach. Once we have you safely tucked in, we serve you Breakfast in bed.


New for 2018 is our Couples Wellness Experience.  Choose from four programmes: WellFit Junkie, TryFit, LiveFit and FunFit. All of these are designed for both of you to take part together.

Fulfill those New Year Resolutions and take advantage of the time you have whilst on holiday.

To find out more details, please ask Tamara, our StolenTime Specialist.

To arrange your Stolen Moments

Introducing the STOLENTIME web-room. Your dedicated web page in which you can customise your stay at Rendezvous any way you like. Our StolenTime specialist will be on hand to assist.

A Special
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