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Dancing with Professionals at Rendezvous this June

Jive June 2019

Dancing with the Stars

From 2nd to 28th June 2019

At Rendezvous, we think there are four key elements that make “Happy-Ever-After” happen; celebration, relaxation, discovery and intimacy. This summer Rendezvous features all four wrapped up in what we call ” Jive June”.

For the sixth consecutive year, we’ll be presenting an affair that is all about moving and grooving.  Rendezvous brings to life ‘Jive June’, a month of sweeping, or being swept off your feet and you and your partner can look forward to exclusive day and evening dance sessions with qualified instructors from Learn to Dance UK.

Jive June at Rendezvous
Strictly Jive June

Jennifer Benavidez Dance Fun

Dancing with the stars
18th-28th June 2019

Andrzej and Joanne Mialkowski

Andrzej & Joanne Mialkowski
2nd - 14th June 2019

Jive June 2019 Dance with the Pros

Jive June 2019
2nd to 30th June 2019

Bohdan Piotrowski Shows How

Bohdan Piotrowski
18th -28th June 2019

Jive June is Free

Here’s what is on offer at no extra charge

Seven daytime dance and dance-fitness classes per week including  Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue, Swing and ChaCha. A Friday night dance class at the Terrace with dance demos throughout the week

Choreographed performances featuring our Jive June Dance Professionals.

Any of our presenters throughout Jive June would love to schedule private lessons if you are interested in getting a one on one session with a top professional. Please contact the Stolen Time specialist if this is of interest.

To read a bio on any of our Dancers, just click on their image opposite here.

I'm in-Where do I Book?

Check your dates in June as there are some very good deals on selected dates…

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