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Monchy Primary After School Programme

Every Child Deserves an Education

Khloe's Story

When focused attention is not given to low-achievers early enough, too  often some  of these precious little ones fall through the cracks and eventually end up at-risk of less than desirable life situations.

There are boys and girls like Khloe who have the desire and potential, if only they got that additional support to build their confidence and overcome their personal learning hindrances. Just under a year ago, BodyHoliday Cares in collaboration with the District Education Office launched a prevention-based remedial-learning programme to catch and address learning problems in low-achievers at the Monchy Primary School. READ MORE

Helping Empower Low Achieving Children to Succeed

Khloe, started our Monchy Primary After School Programme and as a result was able to overcome factors that stunted her academic growth. She went on to do very well. Then there is Mikael, a shy 6th grader who started out the programme as another low performer. According to the Principal, Mrs Jane Jacob Jean, stated ” Mikael grew by leaps and bounds from the time he commenced the programme”. Mikael and Khloe are just two of a larger group who benefited.

Please join us in congratulating Khloe and Mikael! With the help of our FREE comprehensive Monchy After School Programme, they were both able to pass their national exams and will move to a secondary school of their choice.  You can empower others like them to achieve their true potential. 

The programme targets the social and educational barriers to student success and empowers low-achievers with the essential skills and knowledge to become their best. In this pilot year, we were able to see a marked improvement in academic performance. We’ve only just begun!


How can you help?

Send us your email and a message and we'll be in touch to arrange your donation securely.

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“You can empower more children like Khloe and Mikael to develop both personally and educationally. Your donation of any amount will help make this long-term support, to better guarantee success, and will help BodyHoliday Cares develop this into a model programme that can eventually be replicated in other schools with similar challenges”

Donate today by emailing Jacqueline Scott to help fund the next group of children and to learn more our programme. 

Jamie Baulch
Olympic Athlete and Guest Presenter at BodyHoliday

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