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Malabar Beach Restaurant

Perfect Wedding Readers-Welcome to The Place of Stolen Time

Somewhere in the world there is a place where two people can be alone, and the only clock-watchers are the sun and the stars. No schedules. No interruptions. Nothing but time.

Welcome to Rendezvous. An all-inclusive luxury resort for couples on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Sea. Secluded, tranquil and tailor-made for stolen moments.

Surrounded by two miles of powdery beach and exotic tropical gardens, the only outside influence here is entirely at your discretion – impeccable service, a host of activities, and exceptional menus and wine lists.

Discover Rendezvous. And find the place and time to steal away together.


Stolen Moments for Couples

Rendezvous Couples Retreat Bonus

 Rendezvous’ Surprising Bonus

Reserve your Stolen Time and receive Rendezvous’ best holiday rate along with ‘Stolen Moments’ surprises – special couples’ bonuses valued at $400 USD.

 Couples Retreat Bonus Options

OPTION 1: Introduction to Dance (small group lesson as an intro to private sessions) plus

A 30 minute Private Learn to Massage Each Other -plus

30 min Personal Training ConsultationLate checkout subject to availability



Complimentary In Room Retreat  and a 30 min Personal Training Consultation

Both options also include a late checkout subject to availability

You can combine this with our EARLY BOOKING BONUS for 2017, with savings of up to 41%.


Couples romance in Caribbean Beach


Weddings booked for 2017 are right now eligible for a special upgrade from a standard wedding to one of our themed special wedding ceremonies.

ROMANCE BY THE SEA CEREMONY SETTING – Our exclusive open-air wedding celebrated at the water’s edge as featured in our EVER AFTER COLLECTION


ISLAND ROMANCE SETTING – The perfect Wedding scenario set on your own private island.

PLUS with either option –  A complimentary candlelit dinner for two on the beach – An intimate dinner under the stars.

AND…You can combine these with our EARLY BOOKING BONUS

A Special
SAVE 50%
Starting from 22nd October - Until 31st October
Using the Code: HALLOWEEN

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