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Dance Lessons at Rendezvous

Stealing time in June

We look forward to seeing you in Flaming June. Here are some of our top recommendations if you are visiting us next month.

June is the month, of course we feature the famous Jive June Programme, so if you are interested in participating we can promise you a fun time.

StolenTime is all about embracing the four pillars that truly make happily EverAfter worthwhile; celebration, relaxation, discovery and intimacy, and this summer Rendezvous will be presenting for the fourth consecutive year an affair that is all about moving and grooving. Summer 2017 will have a great deal to do with discovery and celebration when Rendezvous brings to life ‘Jive June’, a month of sweeping, or being swept off your feet. For the month of June, guests can look forward to exclusive day and evening dance sessions with qualified instructors from Learn to Dance UK.


Go to the Spa in the Water Garden Page to see the wonderful range of massages, facials and other treatments and make your booking…


Andrzej & Joanne Mialkowski

Private dance classes will also be available. Whether your appreciation for dance comes with knowing it’s also a great way to exercise, or because it’s all in good fun, it takes two to Tango, and Rendezvous is definitely a great place to start.

CALL +1 758 457 7900 to pre arrange Private tuition.


Body Treatments at Rendezvous

Quick step your way to the Spa in the Water Garden with these great offers- Receive 10% discount on all pre-booked treatments. Participate in any of the dance lessons and receive a further 15% off which can be combined with your pre-arrival discount.


Spa Experiences at Rendezvous

There is no better gift to get your feet ready for the Fox Trot or for relaxing your feet after mastering the Jive together than to give your love a simply relaxing foot massage. Learn how to give each other this gift.

Complimentary lesson every Monday and Wednesday at 11am, sign up required.


Movie Nights at Best All Inclusive Resort at Rendezvous

We invite you to join us on Malabar Beach for an open air movie screening! Enjoy a great flick under the stars with a light cool breeze and the quiet crash of waves in the background.

Please see the activities board for the movie title and time.


Stolem Moments for Couples in St Lucia

Within the context of the frenetic pace of life today, we recognize that spending quality time together to reconnect is not easy to orchestrate. This is why we have created a place and a holiday of StolenTime that you can fully customize to meet your specific needs and desires. Among our recent ideas are ” Stolen Moments”, a series of fun experiences for you to both enjoy.


Farm to Table Experience in St Lucia

One of our in-house chefs will take you to a local farm or the market where you can meet the farmer, see the produce, select fresh organic items and get coaching from the chef on how to create a sumptuous meal. Even better, sit under the stars by candlelight to enjoy your creation. Please book in advance with reception.

Enjoy an authentic St. Lucian experience turning your moments into memories!


A community based project to provide knapsacks with school supplies to under served children in St. Lucia. The St. Lucia Knapsack Project operates out of Toronto, Canada and seeks the support of individuals to reach this goal.

If would like to participate, all this involves is putting a few items together for the children and delivering them to a collection point, (details on the Knapsack website).

However, if you live in the UK, USA or anywhere else for that matter, if you have room in your luggage to bring a small knapsack, complete with contents, just hand it in to the front desk on arrival. Thank you so much!

To arrange your special moments

Please click here to custom build your romantic escape

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