Rendezvous Cares

rendezvous scholarshipOver the years; through the Barnard Scholarship Fund, we have invested in empowering the children of  those who ensure that your holiday is memorable – The Staff.  We see education as a means to not only better lives but as an essential part of our national development.

Beyond Education, Rendezvous Cares contributes to the development of youth talent through sport.  Our island is precious and the key resource that we offer to the visitors to our shores.  We collaborate with major stakeholders to raise national awareness, reduce pollution, educate and implement projects to increase the protection of our natural resources.

We are asking to put your power behind this foundation by contributing your support. How? A US$1.00 per night will be applied to your bill that goes directly to the charity of your choice. This money will help us continue to set up projects that will have an immediate impact on the children and a long-term impact on the island’s environment.

We realize that this is voluntary so if you would like us to remove this from your bill we would be happy to oblige. Please contact reception.

We are hopeful that this serves its purpose of achieving your support. We thank you in advance for your valuable contribution.