Couples' St. Lucia Experiences

It’s all you, you, you!

We could write reams about what we think about our St. Lucia couples resort and how great we think it is, but that rather defeats the object of the exercise. What is important to us is what our guests say. We also think that it would be best if they told you directly and that you could hear first hand what they though. So we have included a selection of guests’ feedback from their stay and we would also advise you to have a look at Trip Advisor to see the reports that our guests leave.

You will notice that there are some unusual comments about us, but please note that we cannot change the weather, make the sea warmer or reduce the breeze – these are sadly not in our control! Everything else is. See what others had to say about their stay at the premier all inclusive couples resort in St Lucia, Rendezvous.

romantic holiday experience st lucia

Peter and I saved hard to go on this holiday (probably our last before we have a family) and we wanted everything to be so right. It was. We were blown away by the location (that beach!), our little cottage...

romantic vacation for couples, st lucia

We had never been on a couple's only vacation before, but the kids have both gone to college and we found that with more time on our hands we wanted to find a place that offered us a little...

st lucia wedding, st lucia honeymoon, caribbean wedding, caribbean honeymoon

I must admit that I had to swallow a brave pill to book our wedding overseas. I was really scared about the whole...

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