The People

If you get 5 minutes then have a look at Trip Advisor and see what our guests say about their stay with us. Yes it is a fabulous place, yes the amenities are great and yes we delivered everything they wanted (and more). But more often than not, the biggest accolades are saved for the team here at Rendezvous. They are the ones that make our guests’ stay special.

Why? Well that is easy. Firstly, many of the team have worked for us since we opened up for business back in the 1960’s. We even have second and third generations of families working at the resort. They know everything about the resort and our guests, and they will remember what you like to eat in the restaurants, they will remember how to mix your favourite cocktail and that you like to have breakfast served in your room. Nothing is too much trouble.

Secondly, we believe in training and development. The reason that many of our staff have stayed with us is that we have always invested in them and looked after them. We know that you expect the best from your holiday and we believe that the real memories you take back will be made better if we do our jobs properly.

Meet a few of the team here at Rendezvous.

rendezvous couples resort
Operations Manager, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
Trevor - rendezvous resort st lucia team
Bartender, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
wedding planner st lucia
Wedding Planner, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
general manager rendezvous luxury resort st lucia
General Manager, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
food & beverage manager Rendezvous
Food & Beverage Manager, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
spa coordinator rendezvous resort st lucia
Spa Co-ordinator, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
gym instructor st lucia resort rendezvous
Gym Instructor, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
office manager rendezvous resort st lucia
Front Office Manager, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia
executive chef st lucia resort rendezvous
Executive Chef, Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia