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The Holiday of Stolen Time
Romantic Couple Under Tree

Rendezvous. An intimate luxury resort for couples at the edge of the Caribbean, it is – quite simply – made for romance. Here, surrounded by sand, sea and tropical gardens, you’ll find the most natural setting for celebrating love.

Whether you’re planning your wedding or honeymoon, or planning to renew your vows, we have created a collection of exclusive packages designed for life’s most-precious moments that include every option for making the occasion perfect.

Our Wedding Planners can help you plan your special day and take care of every detail to ensure memories that begin here last happily ever after.

Personalised Weddings

hands_v4-webAt Rendezvous, weddings are a truly special affair. Each as unique as the bridal couple, and every one a perfect expression of their love.

From the most elaborate celebrations to the most intimate ceremonies, our Wedding Planners guide you in creating an event that reflects you. With magical settings for exchanging vows – in the midst of a fragrant tropical garden, under a canopy on a secluded stretch of beach, or on your own private island – and wedding menus that span festive alfresco dining to linen-and-crystal receptions, there are many ways to make the moment your own.

Rendezvous’ Romance Wedding and our Ever After Collection bring together every wedding option at this luxury resort to let you choose from the array of settings and menus as well as personal touches, including the cake, the bouquet and boutonnieres. Our Wedding Planners will take you through every step and take care of each detail to help you design the day you dream about.

A Special
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