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Lucian Country Life

Explore the authenticity of our island by firstly visiting The Castries Market and Vendor’s Arcade which is the largest open-air market in Castries, Saint Lucia. It is located in the middle of the capital and has over 300 regular vendors and a hundred or more local sellers on market days. Thereafter enjoy a short ride to one of St. Lucia’s life nature park with a complex micro eco-system of a set of amazing bird species, butterflies, insects, trees, plants herbs and fruits. One of the first stops will be the “Kaye Pye” a traditional Amerindian hut, authentically outfitted with the primitive tools, utensils and fireplace our forefathers used centuries ago.

Take pleasure in the amusing anecdotes related to country living as we venture into the embrace of the forest and an intimate walk with nature. As we exit the forest we enter into the Creole kitchen for Ma Anthony’s sample of local finger foods straight from the primitive coal pot to you.You will see, smell, touch and taste tropical fruits and learn how to peel a coconut and extract the water and meat with a simple tool.An optional return can be along the Anthony’s home with history dating back to almost 200 years. Near the house some of the local farm animals can be experienced with continuous information every step of the way.

A fresh local tropical fruit drink awaits you from some of the natural fruits seen in the garden. Your Tour Guide will also challenge you in sampling our local Banana ketchup, smelling our local Bay Rum “a product of the Bay Leaf tree”, among others.
You can climax your experience by visiting our local gift shop for a must have souvenir of your tour, prior to departing.

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