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Tennis has always been one of real favourite St Lucia activities for our guests at Rendezvous and although we cannot compete with Flushing Meadows, we do a great job. There is always plenty of competition and impromptu championships take place all the time; you will never be short of an opponent.

Our all inclusive St Lucia resort features a hard court, and they are maintained to ensure that you get a brilliant playing surface. We can provide rackets and balls but we find that guests tend to bring their own equipment. Although we do not adhere rigidly to a dress code, such as wearing white, we do like guests to wear proper tennis shoes at all times when playing tennis. The courts are booked through Activities and Entertainment. Please book early as the courts are busy for large parts of the day.

Make your romantic holidays at the our St Lucia resort special by playing tennis, golf, and others great activities at the St. Lucia couples resort, Rendezvous

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