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Learn to be a mixologist at Rendezvous, the top couples resort in St Lucia.

The dictionary defines mixology as the study or skill of preparing mixed drinks. That’s a cocktail to most of us.  For years at the resort we have been mixing cocktails for guests from all over the world and we have discovered many new drinks, invented a few, and reinvented a few old ones. We know a thing or two about mixology here at the Rendezvous beach resort.

Every evening in The Terrace bar, guests ask for everything from the old favourites such as a Rum Punch right through to the new drinks such as a Russian Standard Ting or a Gypsy Queen.

Do you fancy learning to be a mixologist?  Mixology at Rendezvous is a competition among guests who are required to create an original cocktail, which is judged by fellow guests. The winning cocktail wins a prize! Learn more about mixology and more upon arriving at the Rendezvous resort in St Lucia.

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