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Scuba Training at Resort

PADI Open Water

This course is conducted over a 3 to 4 day period. You will need to attend a four-hour session each day, which can be organized to fit your schedule. Once you become certified, you will receive a certification card which will allow you to dive with any dive operation around the world with no further training. You will receive all the Open Water course material at home so you spend more time diving upon arrival. US$550

 Certified 3-Dive Special

Our 3-dive special for certified divers includes: All equipment, wet suit rental, and three 2-tank boat dives. US$350


Other Courses

We offer: Advanced, Open Water Rescue, Dive Master Courses and eleven Specialties.

All Scuba, air fill and regulators, BCDs, weights and boat trips are inclusive with the cost of each dive certification course. Wet suits can be hired.

The Scuba Diving team will need to check your fitness level using a medical questionnaire in order to determine that you have no contra-indications, which could create a health hazard during your dive.

Clothing: Swimsuit, ‘T’ shirt, shorts or personal wet suit.

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