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The Holiday of Stolen Time
  • Stoeln-Time-on-deserted-beach

Stolen Moments

Within the context of the frenetic pace of life today, we recognize that spending quality time together to reconnect is not easy to orchestrate. This is why we have created a place and a holiday of Stolentime that you can fully customize to meet your specific needs and desires. Within the Five Holiday Experience Themes carefully selected to inspire you and enrich your relationship, we invite you to select activities or experiences that speak to you.

Among our recent ideas are ” Stolen Moments”, a series of fun experiences for you to both enjoy.


place-settingLunch, Sea & Sand offers you a unique experience which you will only receive at Rendezvous. Imagine delicious food and the finest drinks being served at your table in the ocean. Sun, sand, sea and the most amazing meal definitely makes for the ultimate Rendezvous dining experience.

champagneWe are now offering an exclusive service of champagne of the beach. A picnic rug will be set up on the beach for the sunset and couples can have a private bottle of champagne to themselves. A savory platter will be available for an additional cost.

A70-7475Rendezvous is offering a new exclusive service—a movie on the beach. For the summer we will be screening a movies on the beach weekly. Film will be projected on a screen and comfy seats will be set up. Popcorn and refreshments will be available.

bed-by-the-beach-5Rendezvous is offering a new exclusive service—Breakfast in Bed…on the beach!

A lovely ‘bedroom’ including a full king sized bed will be set up on the beach where couples can enjoy a catered breakfast in bed on the beach for an additional cost.