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The Holiday of Stolen Time
Couples Gym at Rendezvous


Tone the body beautiful when you visit Rendezvous, the St Lucia hotel for couples.

Whether you want to maintain your hard earned sculpted physique, want to kick start a new regime or just take the chance to do a little exercise, then our state of the art gym can help.

It is packed full of all the latest equipment including treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and a large selection of free weights. In an air-conditioned open plan gym, you can work out at any time of the day. If you want some instruction then the experts at our Saint Lucia hotel can help you build a programme that is right for you.

To book a gym session with one of our trained instructors on your St Lucia vacation, please ask at Reception.

If you fancy burning off a few calories and getting some exercise in, then we run a series of fitness classes that will suit all tastes and abilities. At the Rendezvous beach resort for couples, we employ fully qualified instructors to run the sessions and the classes are held most days in the resort.

Our Tone & Stretch class is designed to increase your flexibility and suppleness. Using modern techniques and equipment, we run the class in the gym area.

The Aqua Aerobics sessions are held in the pool in the Water Garden and are open to all. These sessions are great fun as well as being great exercise

Cardio Circuit is a class designed to increase your cardiovascular capacity and increase your strength or muscle tone. This session is a great work out.

If you want to get fit and learn something new, then try the Limbo and Calypso Dance class. Using dances from the Caribbean, we will teach you a few new steps and help you get fit at the same time!

Enjoy fitness classes with qualified instructors and more when you book a couples vacation at Rendezvous, the top beach resort for couples in St Lucia.

There are many reasons we call ourselves The Place of Stolen Time. In this undisturbed part of the world, you can find time to relax. Take time to unplug. And, ultimately, have time to reconnect with each other.

Designed to be a truly rejuvenating holiday, at Rendezvous you’ll discover countless ways to restore a sense of balance and well-being – including those that are part of our Wellness Program. There are Pilates, yoga and Tai-Chi-on-the-beach classes, tailored to every fitness level, to strengthen and centre both body and mind, and a long list of pampering treatments at The Spa in the Water Garden to soothe the senses.

Before you arrive, we can help plan a personalised schedule of activities or, if you prefer, you can partake of any class or spa treatment anytime the spirit moves you.

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