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The Holiday of Stolen Time
Pilates course at rendezvous resort


Over the last few years, Pilates has been a revolution in the wellness market and has taken the USA and Europe by storm. There is a good reason for that.  This unique activity is an excellent way of toning and trimming and suits all levels of fitness and age. It is because of this that Pilates is an important part of your all inclusive St. Lucia vacation. The basis of Pilates is to control your body alignment and correct your breathing through concentration. The effects deliver a more efficient exercise coupled with reduced repetition.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, in Germany in 1883. He developed a system of exercises that were intended to strengthen the human mind and body. He believed that mental and physical health are inter-related.

Pilates courses available

Today at Rendezvous, Pilates is included in your all inclusive St Lucia holiday. We run Pilates classes regularly and we would welcome you however experienced you are to join us.

We run Pilates as a group session and these can accommodate either the novice or the more advanced student. We aim to run sessions that stabilize and strengthen the stomach, back and buttock muscles, improve core strength, posture, co-ordination and more. Contact reception to find out how we can build a pilates programme tailored to you during your stay at Rendezvous, the all inclusive couples resort in St Lucia.

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