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The Holiday of Stolen Time
Tai Chi at Rendezvous

T’ai Chi

Like yoga, Tai Chi is an ancient method of wellbeing that works at both a physical and mental level. Chinese in its origin it is a form of co-ordinated body movements focusing on the cultivation of internal energy ‘chi’. The aim is to harmonise the mind, body and spirit, promoting both mental and physical wellbeing through relaxation.

We run classes at Rendezvous to make you feel revitalised, relaxed and healthier in both mind and body. Unlike many forms of exercise and sport, Tai Chi does not rely on strength, force or speed, so making it ideal for everyone, young and old alike.

If you are looking to try something new on your yoga holidays, then do join us for a Tai Chi class. Make your romantic vacation even more special, with Tai Chi in Saint Lucia.

A Special
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