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The Rendezvous Couples Resort enjoys a stunning location. Walk along Malabar beach and enjoy two miles of soft white sand in which to sink your toes. Stop and listen to the Caribbean Sea gently ebb and flow, and listen to the sounds of the birds as they swoop and dive. The bar sits on the edge of the beach so settle down, sip your drink and watch the world pass you by.

At the centre of this St Lucia all inclusive couples resort is the 150-year-old giant Saman tree; at night its huge branches are lined with tiny lights that cast a romantic glow and you can hear the tree frogs trill a lullaby while you sip your drink on the deck by the sea.

We describe the couples resort as boutique. Why? Well firstly, it is not a big resort; you can easily put your arms around it. Secondly, and most importantly, this St. Lucia resort has a special feel to it. It is a family resort and we care passionately that you enjoy every second of your stay with us, and that whatever you want, you get.

Rendezvous is still one of the most beautiful of resorts in St Lucia and couples would be hard pushed to find a more idyllic location for a romantic holiday.

Rendezvous is surely one of the best couples only resorts in St. Lucia. The Barnard family set up home here in the 1960’s, taking in paying guests who wanted to holiday on a perfect Caribbean beach. It was, and still is, a perfect escape for couples. The name Rendezvous has become shorthand for a romantic holiday, designed to allow couples to recharge their relationships away from the distractions of work and family.

Today Rendezvous is still that harbour for couples. The Rendezvous Couples Resort of St. Lucia is a great opportunity to escape from all that is normal and humdrum and for couples to seek refuge from all that jars and separates you in the real world.

Rendezvous provides an intimate vacation experience for more discerning couples that want to spend quality time together. It is also the perfect setting for a Caribbean wedding or honeymoon – what better way to start a life together than a taking a hand-in-hand twilight stroll along the beach?

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