Yoga on St. Lucia

Although the history of yoga stems back to ancient India, Hinduism and Buddhism, the benefits of its practice are as needed in today's fast paced world as they were then. As your physical and mental wellbeing are important to us at Rendezvous, we run yoga classes at sunrise and sunset, making them the most relaxing yoga holidays in the Caribbean.

Yoga is of great benefit both mentally and physically. For the body it promotes flexibility, strength, muscle tone, pain prevention and better breathing. Mentally it has been proved to increase mental calmness, reduce stress and increase your awareness of your own body.

The overall benefit is immense and whether you are a first timer or a regular, we will welcome you.

Yoga Courses Available

Yoga is practiced in many ways all around the world and at your yoga holidays at Rendezvous, we offer a morning yoga class and a sunset yoga class for everyone. We offer basic yoga classes.

Enjoy your yoga holidays with romantic and calming yoga retreats at the top St. Lucia yoga resort, Rendezvous.

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